Siren Community: License Expired

Hi everyone,

I am currently using the Siren Platform version 12.1.0 Community Version running on docker. This morning when I tried to access the network graph browser, I saw that there was already a floating message “Licenses Expired”. If I may ask, what caused this? Given that we’re using the community version.

What can we do to have this floating message disappear?

Siren Platform: version 12.1.0 (Community Edition)
Federate version: 7.17.1-27.0 on ES 7.17.1

Thank you!

Hi Edgar,

As Siren Platform provides the most advanced network analysis visualization, named Siren Graph Browser, we have made changes on the backend libraries to remove outdated dependencies and provide more robust graph features.

Due to these changes, all the old Siren versions will be impacted with this and the Siren Graph Browser and Dashboard 360 data model graph will stop working after 30 April 2023. That’s why you are receiving the license expired error.

We would request you please upgrade all the environments to the latest Investigate 13.1.x version, which is 13.1.0, before 30 April 2023, so that the Siren Graph Browser keeps working.

Feel free to connect with us through support portal in case you have any query or need assistance on how to upgrade your environment.

Thank you

Hi Manu!

Thank you for the prompt response. If I may ask, how would I know the elasticsearch version that Siren Federate uses for a specific version?

Currently using docker image 13.2.1

Also does this mean that we should switch to xpack security if using Search Guard since SG7 does not support elasticsearch 8? and the ideal ES version for 13.2 is elasticsearch 8.

Thank you!

Hi Edgar,

Yes we don’t support SG for ES8 but we have 7.x version supported with Siren 13.2.1 here is the compatibility matrix for it.

Manu Agarwal

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