Release - Siren Investigate 13.2.1

We’re happy to announce the release of Siren Investigate 13.2.1.

This release includes the following Improvements:


  • Upgraded uuid dependency to version 9.0.0
  • Upgraded babel-loader dependency to version 9.1.2
  • Upgraded joi dependency to version 17.9.1
  • Upgraded elasticsearch dependency to version 16.7.3
  • Upgraded elasticsearch-browser dependency to version 16.7.1
  • Removed unused dependencies: horseman, JSONStream, and url-loader.
  • Upgraded Elasticsearch to version 7.17.10 and Federate to version 7.17.10-31.1 in the distributions.
  • Performs Elasticsearch and Siren Investigate compatibility check when running the restore and upgrade command.
  • Tooltips in the enhanced tilemap visualization now show on click instead of on hover to make the visualization easier to use.
  • Upgraded docker base image to debian 11.7

Security fixes

Take a look at our release notes here.

Download it here.