Release - Siren Investigate 13.4.0-beta

We’re happy to announce the release of Siren Investigate 13.4.0-beta

Check here for what’s new in this release while following are the release notes:

New features

  • It is now possible to set a preferred direction of a relationship in the relations tab in the data model. For more details, see Setting preferred relation directions.

  • Siren Investigate now validates the contents of saved objects before they are saved in Elasticsearch. For details, see Object Definitions API.

  • The scripting editor now provides code autocompletion.

  • You can create and view graphs on a sidebar. For more details, see Graphs.

  • Siren Investigate now provides the capability to set a default dataspace by setting the kibana.defaultDataspace property in the investigate.yml.

  • This release includes the new Siren logo and rebranding changes.


  • Node.js was bumped to the latest LTS version 18.17.1. For a full list of changes, see the changelog at node/ at main · nodejs/node · GitHub.

  • The base image of the Docker images has been bumped from Debian 11 (bullseye) to Debian 12 (bookworm).

  • The calculation of the counts of relations has been optimized to use aggregation-based counts for relations landing on a single value.

  • The default client side cache size is increased to 5000 objects. Additionally, it is now possible to configure the property via the investigate_core.client_side_cache_size setting in the investigate.yml.

  • The computation of inherited relations was improved to decrease the loading time of the graph browser.

  • EID counts are disabled when dropping a dashboard into the graph browser if counts are disabled for the underlying relation.

Breaking changes

  • The Docker images now use a Debian 12 base which has compatibility issues with the older versions of docker. It is recommended to use the Docker version 24.x or later to run the images.

  • JDBC datasources and Siren Search UI have been deprecated in this release. They will be removed completely in upcoming releases.

  • Due to the bump of Node.js to version 18.x, running Siren Investigate on CentOS 7 is no longer supported. See the Node.js documentation on the supported operating systems here.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug in which all the nodes were not selected when loading a saved graph.

  • Fixed a bug where it was not possible to make changes to i2 export JSON fields.

  • Fixed an issue where a lot of errors were shown in the browser console when trying to edit template columns.

  • Fixed a bug where the upgrade procedure would throw an error if the user set kibana.index to an alias in investigate.yml.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented mouse drag operations in the parallel charts visualization.

  • Fixed a bug where the apply changes button was being disabled for the line chart visualization on the edit page.

  • Fixed a bug where modifying the saved search would not update the record table.

Download it here