Release - Siren Investigate 13.3.0

We’re happy to announce the release of Siren Investigate 13.3.0

Check here for what’s new in this release while following are the release notes:


Breaking change

  • Importing modules in custom watcher scripts is no longer supported.


  • Added a new version of templates that also work in individual cells of the Record Table. For a detailed tutorial, see Templating and reporting.
  • Added a feature that shows an intuitive label and description for field names in the entity table. If defined, the label is used across the UI instead of the field name, except where raw JSON is shown or the field name is needed when configuring or writing scripts.
  • Added the feature to lock and unlock the sidebar. When unlocked, the sidebar items can be reordered. When locked, nodes from dashboards can be dropped on appropriate visualizations.
  • The script editor can now be enlarged and made full screen for easier code writing.
  • Graph browser layouts now take node size into consideration.
  • Added a new Siren API method dashboard.getSearchSource to retrieve the search source associated with the required dashboard.
  • Added a new Siren API method dashboard.openFlyout that renders a flyout with a react element as its content on the dashboard.
  • Added support for base64 images in the graph browser.
  • Siren Investigate ping time can now be set to a maximum of 60 seconds to prevent accidental misconfiguration.
  • Added a feature to detect if the image exported from the graph browser should be of portrait or landscape orientation.

Security fixes

Download it here