Entity Table & Entity ID

Hey Siren Community,
In the demo there are entity tables: articles, companies, investors, and investments and there are a entities IDs: city and company_category. I can see how that joins in the demo. What is the best practice if I had only one entity table: investments and one entity ID: city and I would like to see all the investments that happen in the same city on the graph? When I try this out (see below) I end up getting two relationship entries on the graph for every investor (as if they lived in the same city twice). What’s the best way to go about this relationship or do I need to have separate entity tables for investors and a separate entity table for cities?

ET Investors → [live in] EID City
EID City [is home to] ET Investors
(there is only one relations on this ET which is one EID)


Hi Jeff,

Sorry for the late response, usually, when having only one entity table, the best practice would be to create and EID and connect it to the relative fields which potentially match. Now, I am not sure how you did set that up and why you see 2 relationship entries. If you still are looking for support on this feel free to contact mailto:sales@siren.io.