Link analysis Arrow direction

I have an idex with three columns, CompanyA, Relationship, CompanyB. I created a virtual entity to connect two columns, CompanyA and CompanyB. I was able to get the link analysis I wanted but the arrow directions are not as I expected.
I wanted to see A–>Subsidiary–>B but I get A–>Subsidiary<–B. I can change the arrow directions at the global level but that would then give me A<–Subsidiary–>B. I tried toggling between active/passive labels for the relationship but that does not seem to help. Any help would be appreciated.
CompanyA CompanyB Relationship
A B Subsidiary
B C Subsidiary
A D Shareholder

Hi Arjun,

A very Happy New Year !!

Yes it is possible to see the link analysis as Company A -> Subsidiary -> Company B.
You have to create the Entity Identifiers named as Subsidiary to have the Relation setup for Index Company A and Company B.

To understand more how it actually works please have a look on our Siren Pre-loaded Demo Bundle version from here (Siren Downloads).

In the Demo data there is an Entity Identifier named as City which connects the relation between Investors and Companies.

Investors -> City -> Companies

Please check and let us know in case of any issue.