Siren Live Entity Extraction and Ontology?

Does Siren have a feature where as you explore a dashboard you are able to further 'enrich" the data you found. For example. I’m looking at dashboard X. I tag a piece of data in X and begin to build a profile of what I see. So when I go to dashboard Y and I see more data about X, I can add it to that profile and continue to build a profile about what I find in the “investigation”? Thanks!

Hi Jeff,

Siren 11 has a feature that would allow an operator to add notes, tags and relations to a record. You have to set up the index mapping with some extra fields like “annotations” and then activate the “revision” feature in siren 11 - which allows you to write to records using an additional index, or the original index but keeping all the previous data in a “history” field.

Similarly you can create new records alltogether in 11.

This feature could be used as a simple way to achieve a bit of what you say. A more structured way to do that would be quite interested also, we think. E.g. we have a “Annotation index” idea which would allow you to create relations and annotations about any records in siren… e.g. a link from A to B (with text and explanations e.g. references to the original source).

It’s to be discussed how these annotations and links could then be used - other than for visual purposes e.g. to show up in the profile.

It would be great to have a chat directy about these features, maybe write to us at and i’d be happy to talk and take your inputs directly - and show you what’s possible with 11. Cheers.

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Hi jccq,
I only see 10.5.2 which is what I’m using but if v11 will do live annotation that would be cool.

The obstacle is when I do an ingest, data model, relationships and entities or even use the extract features on ingest I’ve created a data ontology that I’m going to use to pivot around existing or new data. What if I missed something? Do I need to start over again? Maybe I’m wrong but it would be a challenge to reindex and start over everytime. Thoughts?

Hi Jeff,

Siren 11 is planned to be released later in the month. It should better support the use case you are looking for due to the improvements Giovanni mentioned.

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