Unassigned visualizations

Let’s start by creating a new dashboard called “All Companies” and adding some visualizations to it. These will be “Record Table” and “Histogram of funded_year”. The Record Table is associated with the Companies search, while Histogram of funded_year is associated with the Investments search. As two searches are involved, we have to use a Dashboard 360.

Hello, I am following the above part of “getting started tutorial” and am stuck at Dashboard 360 with filter strategy. I am not seeing unassigned visualization list. How can I get the list?

This is what I did.

Click “Create new dashboard”

Click “Data model” ….

Hi Cheolsoonim,

“Dashboard 360” feature which allows you to visualize data across different tables(searches) and apply filters coherently across visualizations using a dashboard (or use case) specific data model.

To have this visualization into the dashboard, create a new dashboard and add the visualization into it from the corresponding tables search lets say from companies and Investment.

Once the Visualization is added or created in the new dashboard . Please follow these steps:

  1. Click Edit Button —> Click Data Model
  2. Select the Radio Button Dashboard 360 .
  3. Click on Add Main Search
  4. Select the Single Search from the list.
  5. Click on ‘0’ to add the visualization into the Main search which was added into the dashboard earlier.
  6. Click on ‘+’ button to add associative search for other tables.

Attached is the snapshot for reference.

Manu Agarwal

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