How do I find records that are not joined?


When using the relational navigator in the dashboards you can find all the connected records. But I want to exclude records from another entity that don’t have any connections.

In SQL I would do it like this:
select a.* from a left outer join b on = b.a_id where b.a_id is null

How can I become this with DSL in Siren?

Fredericq sorry for the delay in answering.

in our “classic demo” (the one with Articles/Companies/Investments that you can download preloaded or that you can build yourself with the Siren Tutorial) to get the “companies that are not mentioned in any article” you simply:

  1. go to articles
  2. press the blue button to navigate to Companies… now you’re seeing “any company that has an article mention”
  3. hover on the article and press the NEGATE button, now the filter becomes red, and you’re now only seeing companies that do not have an article mentioning them.

would this be the thing you’re looking for?