Start looking for relations only after filtering?

I would like to configure my dashboard to start looking for relations only after the user applies a filter.
Is is possible?
I have some big indexes and its really expensive try to find relations every time an user open a new dashboard.

Thank you for asking this question
There is an option in advanced settings called
siren:enableAllRelBtnCounts true by default

Management->Advanced Settings

By setting it to false you can prevent calculating the counts on relational buttons automatically on the application load
After doing that there should be a button appearing in the right bottom corner of the application
to manually refresh the counts

By pressing the button the counts should be updated.
Unfortunately there is a bug in the current version
and this button does not work
It should be fixed in one of the future releases
Please stay tuned

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Update the bug has been fixed. This will work in the forthcoming Siren 10.3.3

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