How easy it is to pick some charts from a dashbord and embed them into another UI application


What’s the effort required to pick some charts from the dashboard and embed each one separately into our frontend app? How can I control the styling, look and feel of the charts so they match the rest of our app? Are they responsive? Can I dynamically update the contents of the chart, say when the user interacts with dateranges or filters? Can you intercept user actions on the charts and pass them to our application?
How can I communicate between iframes with charts and our application?
Our app is deployed to various environments - would the CORS be an issue then?

Hi Codepics, seems complex not something we d support out of the box.

Kibana recently has gone to a model where stuff is more easily embeddable maybe that might suffice ?

If you need siren typically people need the power that the full ui gives. This said one can embed dashboard s (not individual visualisations) as I frame.