Data Entity Table Pointing at Index Alias

Hi Siren folks,

I want to point my data entity table at an index by alias. It seems to work, but when a new index with new fields added is created and the alias is assigned to this new index, the entity table doesn’t seem to update. For example, my entity table will point to original index index_0 using the alias index_now, so index_now is used as the index name in the “Index pattern used by this table” text box under the “Info” tab when creating the entity table. A new index index_1 is created, and the index_now alias is removed from index_0 and assigned to index_1. However, the entity table seems to still point at index_0, because index_1 has new fields, but those new fields don’t show in the “Fields” tab.

On the other hand, if I navigate to the “Data” tab, it shows the new fields with a ‘?’ icon to the left of it. Do the new fields just have to be added to the entity table manually? If so, how can this done automatically? Any help or ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!


P.S. For more context, I have been using Python’s Elasticsearch-Py library to perform index creations/updates.

Update: I learned that one has to click the “Refresh fields list” on the top right corner of the page under the “Fields” tab for the selected entity table. This seems to do what I’m looking for, but ideally, I would want this to be done automatically as instructed by my Python script.

Hi Trevor,

Yes the new fields you added needed to be refreshed from the fields tab so that new fields will be visible.

Need to check if this is possible with python script update to follow this may take some time.


Thank you for responding, Manu. Let me know if you find anything, and I’ll do the same. Being able to interacting with Siren GUI elements from Python would be nice.