Create Virtual Index, data type Point

Hi Siren,

We have created a new column in my database and set the data type as ‘point’. When we want to do Virtual Index, the new column doesnt reflect the field with ‘point’ data type in the Data Model.

FYI, we use Siren 10.4 and ES 6.8.6.

Hi Farhan,

Point is not supported here is the link of the compatible types:

If you just pass the lat and long as string and then pick the geo_point type in the reflection job it will convert them accordingly.


Farhan hi.
If you managed to see a X Y coordinate in your Siren records (e.g. simply connecting latitude/longitude coordinates ) then you can see those points on the Graph Map mode by using a the “Time/Location set lens”

this allows you to chose the fields and uses it for the map (or time). In theory also the regular “Enhanced Tilemap Component” (the other component that SIren has for mapping) would be possible with virtual indexes but the implementation is not there yet.

Let us knowprivately if its very important for you and we can discuss prioritization.

Another way to have everything work now would anyway be to activate reflection for that virtual index. This creates an Elasticsearch index with that data and during the reflection you can create a geopoint from any X/Y - which in turn you can extract in your SQL query (using the ingestion pipeline option which you have in the reflection UI) . All would then work nicely in this case.

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Understood the steps clearly. Thanks for the explanation.