Field mapping Integer (Index) or Keyword or Word cloud

Here’s my column looking like:

Date, Ref_Nr, Category, Body
18-Sep-23, 0001-01, Local, “Hello, Bob! Bomb time”

I’d make this fields as: Date, Keyword (for aggregations), Keyword (for aggregations), Text(allow word cloud)

The word cloud for the Body might be nice, but more importantly I can search for e.g. “bomb” in there - would that work? There might be some aggergations done on Category e.g. to count how many percent of the documents are of what category, but should Ref_Nr be keywords? Or Integer?

keyword will allow you to create metrics i.e.: an analytical table with category counts/a pie etc.

Ah ok. Is there a way to transform 18-Sep-23 into readable 2023-9-18 for Date field?

Assuming you already mapped as date in any ES compatible format, in the entity table settings/field tab, unlock the changes and click on the format link (default in the screenshot):

You can change it to any readable format you like.

Okay thank you!

Finally, when I ingested I used the Siren NLP plugin and I see it works e.g. it creates columns siren.nlp.ids.entity/person with correctly identified persons. I wanted to put in the dashboard the body along with these identified words e.g. siren.nlp.taxonomy_annotated.body and as one of the columns, but these do not show - how to show those words highlighted?

@Davide_Paoletti wondering if the record table / NLP annotation is available for the community edition?