defaultColumns .... per-index

Question: How to configure so that Discover shows a defaultColumn per index!

No clear docs or community support from (… no surprise there!)

This poorly phrase explanation is all I can find:

Hi Joe,

In Siren there are two ways for doing this:

  1. Through Data Model Page you can add and remove the default column per index and save it to show in the discover page:

  1. With Saved Objects.

Here are the steps to configure the default Column per index on Discover:

Go to Management → Saved Objects - > In the left pane select the “Entity table and Searches”

Select the Entity table for that particular index on which you want to configure default index.

Update the Columns you want to configure for this index on Discover page and Save the “Entity table and Saved object”.

Hope this helps.

Manu Agarwal