Web service GET

In Siren-Platform-Easy-Start I turned on web service and I see GET. I created a new profile for an API I wanted to try but the profile does not appear in the visualization as a profile I can select to invoke. Did I follow the right procedure to create a profile using GET and is there a way to activate it or it’s index? Jeff

Hi Jeff,

Can you please share your investigate.yml file to see what configuration you did to enable the webservice?


Hi Manup,
I enabled using the doc file for 10.5.3 web services:

enabled: true

Hi Jeff,

This is happening because HTTP GET is a variable response web service (it’s data is dynamic and can’t be stored in Elasticsearch), it can only be invoked using scripts (e.g. sirenapi.invokeWebService(…)).

Creating profiles doesn’t do anything because it can’t be invoked from the dashboard.

We are going to have changes in upcoming siren releases which will removes the ‘Profiles’ section for variable response web services and added a note in the UI that it will not appear in the dashboard.

Please let me know for any query.