Elastic UI / React / Kibana

Hello Manu,

I am still having problems using Siren as my main workspace. I am trying to integrate my existing tools but keep running into trouble. I am trying to understand why my super simple Elastic UI templates that work with my existing kibana don’t work with Siren. Any ideas?
I love what Siren allows me to do but if I can’t use any of my tools its kind of a moot point. Thank you again for your help.

First let me thank you for your engagement with Manu. Your note suggests that you see utility in Siren and I would hate your frustration to keep you from realizing the potential.

Sometimes sending messages through the support portal is less efficient than a phone call. We have a team of pre-sales solutions architects here in the US who can speak with you live to assist you in resolving the issues that you are encountering. Send me an email at gerry.baron@siren.io, and I can connect you with one of our local team members. Manu will stay in the loop since he has background on the issues you have faced.


Gerry Baron
Global Head of Sales