Can't save dashboard in 11.1.0

I was hoping to demonstrate the product but I’m not able to create and save a dashboard. Is this the intended behavior?

Hi, there. It seems expected (admin user might not have the required permission).

Have you tried to do the same action with sirenadmin or some other user?

Johnny Lopes

Thanks Johnny. I switched to the sirenadmin and now see the created dashboards in the demo data.

Thanks again,


Hi Johnny, One additional question please. I see that NER is now part of the demo in version 11.1.0 (and perhaps earlier). Can you share what implementation of NER are you using for this functionality?

Thanks again for your time.


Hi Rich,

Siren now has an elasticsearch plugin ‘siren-nlp’ which comes installed in our demo bundle. Docs for that plugin are here: The Siren NLP plugin for Elasticsearch :: SIREN DOCS

The NER processors in the plugin are using the English opennlp models for person, organization and location which you can find here: OpenNLP Tools Models

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Andrew Winter

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