Siren 7.13.3-25 connect mariadb error

I made sure I have:
node.attr.connector.jdbc: true
my elasticsearch is 7.13.3,siren-federate is 7.13.3-25.0,siren-investigate is 11.1.7
and i put mariadb jdbc 2.7.4(mariaDB version 10.1.22) into elasticsearch/plugins/siren-federate/
then i try to connect mariaDB on devtools,like

put /_siren/connector/datasource/mariadb
    "driver": "org.mariadb.jdbc.Driver",
    "url": "jdnc.mariadb://",
    "username": "qwe",
    "password": "qqq"

when i
post /_siren/connector/datasource/mariadb/_validate
then came with an error
could not validate datesource [mariadb]

caused_by {
type : s_q_l_syntax_error_exception
reason: you have an error in your sql syntax,check the manual that correctponds to your mariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near 'SET STATEMENT max_statement_time=30 FOR SELECT 1 AS N' at line 1

i don’t know why this happen?
and at datasources in management of siren-investigate,i can’t choose database type althouth i have already add mariadb

Hi Jack,

From Siren Federate 7.11 custom JDBC drivers are not supported.

You have to use the logstash to connect to the external datasources.

We will have an Avatica in upcoming Siren release which will have a support to the external data sources.


Manu,my Siren Federate is 7.13.3-25.0 ,and it already have avatica, but i don’t how to use?

Hi Jack,

Siren 12 will be coming out soon the documentation about how to use avatica, is available here.


thanks Manu,i will try.