Recreating Kibana Features in Siren

-Replicate existing in Kibabna: Doing a graph search
-Replicate existing in Kibana: Connect people organizations based on technology search
-New: In dashboard … have the auto recommendation feature work (the feature that does a smart recommendation of all the other things connected to your search)
-New: Identity Resolution
-New: The advantage in Siren being I can search across indexes and dashboards

Hi Vincent.

Siren graph is quite different from the one in Elastic/Kibana (platinum) one is focused on statistical connections only (E.g. IP X is quite connected with IP Y) while ours can do that plus all the regular knowledge graph / link analysis IPs/individual logs/individual records etc.

The way we interconnect is based on the power of search but also on the datamodel e.g. you can specify that 2 indexes have a key in common (e.g. an IP a SSN etc) and that makes siren see things “as a knowledge graph” , you can navigate across dashboards or on the graph.

Siren backend plugin, extends Elasticsearch with scalable join functionalities which use the datamodel so that you can see “all the logs in this index where the IP is the same as any IP seen on that index in the past 4 hours” (for example) . According to your domain of application this has many unique use cases.

Let us know if we can help you somehow just drop us a line at happy to get you a good presentation in your domain of preference.