Licensing model of Siren Federate

Hi Experts,
I am not finding the right licensing details (not License agreement) for Siren Federate.


Hi Murali,

By default, the Siren Community license is included , when you download or installed the Siren federate community edition.

Here is the details about the license API you can use to verify the license details:

Please reach out to for trial license.

Manu Agarwal

Hi Manu,
Thanks for your quick response.
Currently we’re using Elastic Cloud 8.3.3 and can you please share the right Siren Federate plugin version for it ?

Hi Murali,

We don’t have a federate version for 8.3.3. We release the federate plugin for more stable ES version.

We have the plugin available 8.7.1,8.7.0, 8.5.3 , 8.4.3 , 8.2.3 and so on.

Here is the full list of federate versions available to download on siren website.

Manu Agarwal