Release - Federate 8.4.3 - 29.0

We’re happy to announce today the release of Siren Federate version 29 for Elasticsearch version 8.4.3. This release includes the following enhancements and fixes:

New features:

  • Added ROUTING_JOIN as a new join strategy optimized for use cases when joining on the parent set’s _id field.
  • Added the Siren Consolidator, an ingest processor for consolidating data from different indices.
  • Added a new REST API _siren/nodes/benchmark that can be used to evaluate different aspects of the Federate plugin.


  • Upgraded Elasticsearch to 8.4.3.
  • Improved the performance of joins on the _id field.
  • Upgraded Arrow to 9.0.0.
  • Adopted JPMS (Java Platform Module System).
  • Updated architecture diagram.
  • Improved networking performance of the search-project task.
  • Updated default values for the following settings:
    • The setting that sets the number of partitions per node used in the HASH_JOIN algorithm, now defaults to the number of CPUs - 1.
    • The setting that sets the size of data packets sent between nodes of the cluster now defaults to 1MB.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed dead links in the documentation.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a node to cache failed statistics.
  • Fixed a race condition issue when executing a multi-search request.
  • Fixed ClassCastException and properly handle unsupported cases of projecting fields on virtual indices.

Breaking changes:

  • Remove deprecated and unused actions over virtual indices.
  • Removed deprecated settings and

Download it here.