Inspecting Topics Clustering

I found that inspecting the body of a visualization can be extremely useful, especially when seeing how the visualization’s request query is structured. However, I can’t seem to find a way to do this for Topics Clustering visuals. The arrow at the bottom left that’s normally there for other visuals isn’t available for topics clusterings. Why not? Is there another way I can see the “nuts and bolts” of a topics clustering such as the request/response objects?

Hi Trevor,

Yes you can see the request/response of the objects through browser console for Topic clustering visualization directly.

However you can also do it by clicking a cell selects it. In a dashboard, this automatically applies a live filter matching the cell’s term to other visualizations in that dashboard and then you can look for specific payload request and response for the filter you applied on topic clustering.

The live filter does not apply to the visualization itself, or other Topic Clusterings in the same dashboard, which retain their UI state.

Moreover you can pair a Topic Clustering with a Record Table next to it. Selecting a cell updates the table and displays associated document samples.

Topic clustering is heavy request due to which the option is not available directly into the visualization itself as it can bring performance impact.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks Manu, this helps a lot!

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