How to use Siren Alert Proximity?

In the documentation, it stated that;

“Proximity: Alerts when two entities are closer or further than a specified distance. This type must be enabled manually as it is not applicable to all data sets. Siren provides support for enabling this.”

How to enable this and do proximity?

Hello @_farhan, you can enable this watcher template by going to the Management page, then to Scripts. Then open the “Proximity” script and change line 4 from this:

show: (_, mappings) => false && JSON.stringify(mappings).includes('{"type":"geo_point"}'),

To this

show: (_, mappings) => JSON.stringify(mappings).includes('{"type":"geo_point"}'),

Save this script and the proximity watcher should then be available in dashboards associated with saved searches that have geo fields:

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Farhan, proximity and using locations with Siren is a topic which we have developed a lot internally. Not all is in the documentation, if you contact us directly via the website we can show you demos and configurations which will be applicable to your use cases (likely)