Discover has no New, no Save, no Open

Siren 12.1.4 discover – I have “Hits” count, then my discover is missing new, save, open, but the “Share” button is there, though.

OK … whats the trick to re-enable the “Save” (open, new) buttons for Discover?


Hi Judge
The discover application was deprecated in 12.1

The screenshot in the documentation will be updated soon
The same functionality is available on Data Model page


Lets make sure I got this correct …

The search “Discover” functionality is going away and we need to figure out how to get users access to, and using the Data Model functionality to search (or get basic list-views of the records)

The Data Model does have a “Search” tab – that must be the location to search indices/indices patterns.
Edit No – not search tab, but the “Data” tab. Search tab is for fields, etc. admin purposes.

I am assuming the other Data Model tabs, and/or the ability to alter/save/delete configurations via those tabs, will be an entitlement that non-admin users can be restricted.


Investigate 13.0 seems to have dropped.
The continue to show a working Discover with New/Open/Save (child searches)

We really … really need to know how to to have this functionality back, even if it has been moved to the Data Model page. Are there entitlements/roles?

Is the customer impact this? – “Discover can’t save,new,open. Sorry, wait until a future release where you get that back, for non-entitled users, via the Data Model”


Hi Joe,

We have Siren 13 releasing in next week which will still have the Discover tab. But as we discussed it’s better for the analyst to use the Dashboard which will provide much more capabilities and features to them.

We will have further details for it once Siren 13 released.

Manu Agarwal