Coordinate Maps Popup Content Issue


There is an issue on 10.2.2.
I can’t configure Popup Content on Coordinate Maps via Vizualize.
When I pass an array of fields via Save Objects, I they are shown as Undefined.
Any workaround?

Hi Mig,
It appears to me that you want to change the content shown when you hover over markers on Coordinate Map. For example:

The content shown on tooltip is dictated by the ‘Metrics’ you are looking for in geolocation buckets. Since each bucket may contain more than 1 documents, you cannot directly show any ‘fields’ on popup content/tooltip. As that may not correspond to all the documents within that bucket.

If you are looking for some contextual insight in your popup content on maps then I’d suggest you have a look at ‘Enhanced Coordinate Map’, there you may select a ‘valid’ visualization (Which uses an index with same geolocation field to filter data) and get that visualization to show as a tooltip on markers of the map.
And you may get something like this on hover:

Here, I’m showing an Analytic Table which gets filtered by the coordinates of marker you’re hovering over.

Hi Varun,

The issue is with map overlays, not aggregations. See image

Hi Mig,

Thanks for highlighting this, and anything that you feel will improve the usability of the Siren Platform is much appreciated.

We are working on having this fixed for the next release.

Best Regards,

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Hi Mig,

Just like to follow up. The popup issue you raised here has been addressed and is in Siren Investigate 10.2.3.


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Awesome! Thanks for the prompt reaction.