Siren Investigate Configuration for 2 node cluster ES servers

Hi Team,

I am installing Siren Investigate on a node which is not a master and nor the data node but in cluster with other node which is master as well as data node.

1st node - Coordinating node
2nd node - Master /Data node

I need to confirm do i need to confirm which node url i need to use in the configuration file investigate.yml apart from it any other setting need to do for it?


Hello manu,
Welcome to the community, I’d recommend that you use the coordinating node to act as an entry point to the cluster as otherwise there would be not much use of it.
So, you’ll put something like this in investigate.yml:
elasticsearch.url: 'coordinating_node_ip:port'

For information on rest of the configurations, you may have a look at our docs: Configuring Siren Investigate.