How to use NeoNode when the Siren's backend is an elasticsearch server with username and password?

Now, i configured the siren with investigate access control and siren works well with ES sever.
While it’s easy to add elasticsearch’s username and password to NeoNode and create data reflection job, I find no way to connect to a Siren Server when it enable investigate access control. The relationship between these entities could not be established via the siren connection.
The key problem is, how to connect the siren server with investigate access control by NeoNode?
Is there any code can be available?

Best regards.
Hagen Han

Hello hagen666,
You would not be able to use NeoNode script with security. There is an upcoming Ui based wizard with additional functionalities scheduled for 10.3.0 release. Which would make this process seamless, you may want to try it out when it becomes available but till then your only option is to: turn off security, run the script and re-enable security after the initial setup is done.