Release - Federate 8.11.3-33.1 & 7.17.16-33.1

We’re happy to announce today the patch release of Siren Federate version 33.1 for Elasticsearch version 8.11.3 & 7.17.16. This release includes the following bug fixes:

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an incomplete response when doing an aggregation and no index could match the request due to a date range filter.
  • Fixed an issue on cache key definition when runtime fields were defined at query time.
  • Fixed an issue on a cached join when its parent was shared by two other parents.
  • Fixed an issue when computing the index scan cost, where the field existed but without terms in a segment.
  • Fixed a concurrency issue in multi-conditional index joins.
  • Fixed a concurrency issue in Point-In-Time query shard cache.
  • Fixed a concurrency issue in AQP reports.

Download it here .