Release - Federate 36 for 7.17.22 & 8.14.1

We’re happy to announce the release of Siren Federate version 36.0 for Elasticsearch 7.17.22 & Elasticsearch 8.14.1. This release includes the following features, improvements and bug fixes:


  • Introduced a new node attribute federate.enable which allows you to exclude nodes from search and computation when it is set to false.
  • Enhanced Elasticsearch aggregations to work with Federate joins in static and adaptive planner requests.
  • Added multi-search request capabilities for Adaptive Query Planner (AQP).


  • Upgraded to latest Elasticsearch 8.14.1 & 7.17.22.
  • Improved function_score to accept join in the filters scope.
  • Added a push down optimization to queries inside aggregations for HASH_JOIN.
  • Added the following values to the feature flag parameter (siren-federate-features) to manipulate the push down optimization in aggregations:
    • AGG_PUSH_QUERY to push down query clauses defined in the root search request.
    • AGG_PUSH_NONE to not push down any query.
    • AGG_PUSH_ANCESTORS to push down filter clauses found in the ancestors aggregation buckets.
  • Improved the documentation on thread pools and its types.
  • Improved the documentation on settings.
  • Increased the default value of federate.planner.multi_conditional.index_lookup.limit to 50,000.
  • Improved the pruning in AQP to avoid duplicated lookup requests.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed join query failures caused by unsupported matches API used by highlighters.
  • Fixed an error message when using a plain string instead of an array for the on clause.
  • Fixed an issue with the caching of AQP requests caused by the wrong searchLock selection.
  • Fixed the explain API to not prune tasks anymore.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the detection of EmptyJoin inside aggregations.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented federate_object from referencing fields projected from a child scope.
  • Fixed a bug in the REST _siren/cache/planner endpoint to handle also the field_caps cache used during the planner phase.


  • Marked REST endpoint _siren/cache as deprecated, use _siren/cache/planner instead.
  • Marked connector APIs as deprecated; connector APIs includes:
    ** Ingestion and Job API
    ** Datasource API
    ** Virtual index API
  • Deprecated the setting federate.planner.index_join.max_lookups. The new setting to use is federate.planner.multi_conditional.index_lookup.limit.

Download it here .