Install siren federate plugin on


I have a cloud cluster managed by
I wanted to try to install the siren federate plugin on this managed cluster to see if it could work.

I tried to install the siren federate plugin on the cloud cluster but via the I get an “entity too large” error because the plugin is 27MB in size whereas the max allowed upload size is 20MB.
Do you have any workaround for this issue ?

I see on your website that you said you have a partnership with Are you able to leverage your partnership to help resolve this issue to test the siren federate plugin on a managed cluster ?


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Hello @Val,

At the moment, Federate cannot be installed on top of Elastic cloud for the plugin size, but also as you can’t change the memory assigned (we need off heap memory too). We are indeed working with Elastic for this, it would help if you could contact us at so we can discuss your needs with them.

Manu Agarwal


I would love to throw my support behind this as well. We have a platinum subscription so was able to get past the 20mb limit, but still having issues getting the plug-in running. Your mention about heap memory might be the reason.

This plugin would be invaluable, so anything we can do to get this working I am ready to help!

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