Dancho Danchev - Law Enforcement and OSINT Intelligence Operation "Uncle George" - Seeking Siren Community Support

Hi everyone,

My name is Dancho Danchev I’m an internationally recognized (https://ddanchev.blogspot.com) cybercrime researcher security blogger and threat intelligence analyst that has recently launched Law Enforcement and OSINT Intelligence Operation “Uncle George” and I’m currently seeking the Siren Community support in terms of sharing of the recently collected 18GB of raw HTML data for the purpose of enrichment and actually producing Knowledge Graphs and diving deep into the data set potentially assisting Law Enforcement and the Security Industry in the process of tracking down the individuals behind these forum communities and actually taking them offline.

Here’s a brief proposal on how to proceed in case you’re interested in supporting the project:

  • Approach me at ddanchev@cryptogroup.net to discuss and obtain access to the 18GB of raw HTML data which you can use and work with me for the purpose of enriching the data set using the Siren Platform
  • Can you possible recommend a practical and relevant HTML parsing and HTML data extraction and enrichment tool or a technique to embed the data into an Elasticsearch Index in terms of parsing or possible cyber artifacts collection and processing? Can you possibly assist with actual implementation solutions and support?
  • Can you possibly actually work with me or support the project with technical and operational support including actual implementation of the project?

Looking forward to receiving your brisk response.