UTF-8 Characters missing or broken


Importing a csv file with utf-8 characters doesn’t work as expected.
All the utf-8 characters got broken.
It doesn’t seem to be a problem of my file.
The same I found in the demo-data-version,where I found
“M nchen” instead of “München” (Query Companies: “M*nchen AND DEU” )

Uploads from my file show broken characters as if they are double-encoded.

I would be very pleased to get an advice about importing without errors.


Hi Martien

Could you provide a sample file you are trying to use?


Hi Simon,

thank you for your quick reply!
Unfortunately I can’t reproduce the error again now.
Taking the same input, siren-investigate does what I expect, it should do and reads
german and french input.
Since I used a lot of multiple fields before and it’s a bit tricky to exactly reproduce
that, probably that transformation caused the difference.
For now, I see the problem as solved. If I should get it again, I’ll come back with a more
precise description.