Updating from 6.x to 7.x

Hi! we are trying to upgrade ~20 node elastic cluster with Siren federate from 6.8.2 to 7.17.0 (siren 10.3.3 to 27.0)

Are there recommended best practices or documentation on how to do this? In our testing we have run into some issues that prevent queries during the upgrade.


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Hi Michael,

Upgrading the federate version is pretty straight forward you just have to install the compatible Siren federate plugin into the upgraded Elasticsearch version.

Here is the documentation to install the Siren federate plugin:

Install Siren Federate

Can you please let us know what issues you faced?

Manu Agarwal

Hi Manu,

Thanks for the response. The issue we encounter happens during the upgrade. After the client nodes are updated but before the data nodes are done we start seeing errors with queries with the message

ActionNotFoundTransportException[No handler for action [indices:data/read/federate/planner/prefilter[s]

We have also tried updating the data nodes first but we get a different set of errors when doing that.

To be clear, we are trying to do a rolling update with no downtime.


There are corner cases to the rollling upgrade that aren’t properly handled. The ActionNotFoundTransportException exception was probably raised when a data node wasn’t updated yet.

We have also tried updating the data nodes first but we get a different set of errors when doing that.

Can you share what are these other errors you got ?

Hi Stephane,

When we update the client nodes first we consistently got the ActionNotFoundTransportException when executing queries.

When we tried updating the data nodes first, the kinds of errors we got were less consistent. Here is what we saw:

Unable to acquire a search lock on indices


class_not_found_exception: io.siren.federate.core.planner.e.n$a
reason: Failed to create data entry 739484911-2007840939-287588643389318563-125208000


TransportError(N/A, 'i')

If you need more detail on any of those let me know and we should be able to reproduce it.