Release - Federate 7.17.9 - 31.0

We’re happy to announce today the release of Siren Federate version 31 for Elasticsearch version 7.17.9. This release includes the following enhancements and fixes:


  • Added multi-conditional join capabilities.
  • Added new binary operators to be used in a join (gt, lt, gte and lte).


  • Adapted ROUTING_JOIN to work on Adaptive Query Planner (AQP).
  • Adapted runtime fields to work on AQP.
  • Adapted Point in Time (PIT) to work on AQP.
  • Enhanced performance by removing several blocking Java calls.
  • Improved documentation on Query DSL and PIT limitations.
  • Upgraded to JDK 17.

Bugs fixes

  • Resolved a race condition involving job cleanup requests and data packet release.
  • Fixed an integer overflow issue with batch size computation.
  • Fixed ArrowBuf initialization to be in a privileged block.

Breaking changes

  • Plugin initialization will fail if memory is incorrectly configured.
    • Java Max Direct Memory (XX:MaxDirectMemorySize) must be greater than Siren memory root limit (siren.memory.root.limit).

Known issues

  • When performing a multi-conditional join on a single node cluster, it is necessary to explicitly specify the INDEX_JOIN strategy.

Download it here .