Release - Federate 7.10.2 - 22.5

We’re happy to announce today a new release of Siren Federate version 22 - Federate 7.10.2-22.5 is available today and is compatible with Elasticsearch version 7.10.2. This release includes the following:

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a join cache issue with Elastic Stack Security’s templated queries when they include placeholders such as {{ _user: }} .
  • Fixed an issue in the siren_dataspaces query that could prevent users from seeing documents in Siren Investigate when hitting the join cache.
  • Fixed a rare issue where a cluster was unable to initialize a Federate job due to a closed RootBufferManager on a node.
  • Fixed an issue that caused serialization errors when processing percentiles aggregation query results.
  • Fixed an issue in the job cancel transport action that could block the management thread pool, leading to a deadlock condition. The cancel action now extends the Elasticsearch task cancel API to avoid this.

Download it here .