Red Status over https on Server

We have downloaded and installed 10.3.4 version. In local machine over http://locallhost:5606 works fine. However, we put into a server… however, when accessed over https on server. its not showing up the dashboard… there is message saying status red… no server side logs indicate errors… Please see the attached screen shots…

Hi jeff,

Can you please do these steps and send us these information.

  1. Enable logging.dest: /opt/siren/logs/log.txt and logging.verbose: true in the investigate.yml file and run then siren again
    2 Send the log file and investigate.yml
  2. Elasticsearch.yml

Kindly see logs @ and investigate and elasticsearch.yml at

spawnSync java EACCES - RED

Hello Jeff,

I trust you are doing well.
I am a colleague of Manu Agarwal. Let me have a look at the files provided here and come back to you. Thank you


Hello Jeff,

It seems like your Gremlin server is not starting.
There are a few things one needs to consider here

  1. The path to the jks is critical. However, to rule out this possibility one might want to use the absolute path to the .jks file. Please ensure the password is correct
  2. The gremlin_server.url parameter (in investigate.yml) must match the right IP/Name used in the Node certificate. So for example, if the hostname is ABC then ABC must be mentioned in the certificate. This is typically done in the DNS section of the Node at the time when the certificate was generated
  3. If the above 2 are fine, then try to change the URL from to the https://Server Name used on the certificate which is part of the JKS:8061



Many thanks Glen, Manu.

We are using community edition as-is and we do have jks for this server.

Our purpose is for demo use case and as such, can we point to non ssl so that we can proceed. In our localenv, laptop it is running fine with or any other alternatives for the standalone demo

Hi Jeff,

Non SSL Gremlin will work with non SSL only.
If SSL is used on then the Gremlin server must be configured with SSL aka Gremlin must be supplied with the JKS. If this is not supplied, Siren will not startup which exactly the case which is happening at your end.

Do have a look at the “Siren Platform with data” version, it has all the configuration associated with SSL


Thanks again Glen for your kind advice

regarding the sugguested “Siren Platform with data” version, are you refering to # Download Siren Platform - A preloaded demo? Please help to confirm. thanks

Yes Jeff. Apologies, I should have been more clearer…
If u download the “Siren Platform with data” you see how the SSL has been implemented. Thanks