Mongodb or other doc stores

Good afternoon, has anyone investigated applying the siren federate technique to mongodb, aws es, or other similar es like document stores? Thanks, Jeff

Do you mean porting the join capabilities of Federate to mongodb or other document stores?

Hi Renaud, yes, either joins or siren federate plugin to replace or provide other options vs. elastic?

Unfortunately, this is not an easy task, Federate architecture is closely based on Elasticsearch and Lucene architecture. Federate is using and extending Lucene and Elasticsearch at a low level, which is also the reason of the Federate performance. This is not a generic layer that can be ported to another system. A generic layer, which would be designed at a higher level, would not be able to offer the same performance.
Therefore, building something similar for another document stores would mean developing a completely new software with most likely a different architecture.