Data is not reflecting on "Index Pattern Search"

I have an Elasticsearch setup with 2 nodes - One is a master while the other is Data ( 2 different processes on a single system). The connection works fine. I am able to upload data using Logstash and Siren Platform ( via reflections).
I am able to create an “Index Pattern Search” without any challenges however the data is not reflecting. Zero records are displayed. In my Siren.yml file, I am pointing to the master node.
Any suggestions as to why the data is not getting reflected?

Hello revglen,
It appear that you have some misconfiguration. I would need a little for information to be more helpful. Could you check if the nodes are forming a cluster by firing the following query in Dev Tools:
GET _nodes
As of reflection job, cross-check your target index and if the job was a success. You may want to check out the docs on Datasource Reflection Jobs.

You may also hit the target index directly in Dev Tools to see if you have some data:
GET target-index-name/_search