We set node 4 as the Siren node in the config yml file.. when that node doesnt have master... Siren doesnt work.. why? We are running a 6 node cluster, node 4 is our Siren node. We are running 2 servers

A few questions:

  • Can the Siren config yml take multiple lists of nodes… or just one node?
  • Why can’t we have multiple nodes in a url?
  • Does Siren have resource problems when its not pointed to the master node? If so, how would we solve this?

We have 2 servers,

The URL of the Elasticsearch instance to use for all your queries.

#elasticsearch.url: [ list of urls ]

Hello @vleone ,
At the moment, Investigate only supports a single elasticsearch node url (which doesn’t necessarily have to be master). You may set it in your investigate.yml like:
elasticsearch.url: 'https://localhost:9220'

We do plan to support connecting to multiple elasticsearch nodes in future but there is no date for it yet (You may contact us at info@siren.io to discuss further details on your requirements). If you are having resource issues routing all your Investigate requests through a single node, you may look into setting up a coordinating node to be used as an entry point for Investigate into the Elasticsearch cluster.

Let me know if this resolves your problem or if there is a need for further clarification.