Issues while white labelling

I am trying to do white labelling using below ways and facing some issues.I Hope someone could help out.
1.The whitelabel keys where added in the below path:

On doing this, the warning as below pops up and nothing gets reflected on the platform while running through browser.What am I missing?

The Link used for reference:

This was the another solution that I came across. Since it has only the .less file in it…How do I modify in it to give the company name?
The modifications made by this file on the platform are,
a. Logo in welcome page gets changed
b. Logo(Top-left-corner) is changed on the platform dashboard and the company name is removed.

Hi Sandhya,

Apologies, there was a problem on our end with the documentation.

  1. The online documentation that you referenced contained information about a forthcoming white labeling feature that will be able in 10.4 and is not in 10.3.3. (We have removed that section from the 10.3.3 documentation).
  2. The other solution now has some more detail on how to use it:

I hope that helps.



Thanks Mike .

But i would like a little more clarity on the solution provided in the alternative link. Hope you could help with this too.


The steps provided in it is,

a.Extract or Clone to /siren-investigate/plugins/ folder.
b.Empty /siren-investigate/optimize/ folder.
c.Edit CSS style in /siren-investigate/plugins/custom_css/public/less/custom.less

Here 2 paths has been specified…originally the path is like
(b) siren-investigate/optimize/ in the downloaded version.

1.Does the zip file has to be extracted on both places?
2.The path specified in index.js file(inside custom.css ) is custom_css/less/custom.less and not as custom_css/public/less/custom.less. Doesn’t it make any difference?
3. I tried cloning in path (a) and make changes in it. But its not reflecting on the platform…what am I missing?

Hi Sandhya,

The zip only needs to be extracted to the plugins folder. Empty the optimize folder and once you run investigate, the plugin will be installed.

Regarding the hierarchy of plugin folders, it should not make any difference, as long as all files are pointing relatively correctly to each other.

To see changes take effect you must empty the optimize folder before starting investigate.

I hope this helps.


Thanks Neil.
One quick question…how do i change the text(Siren Investigate) appears in welcome screen.

And one more doubt.
How to modify the tab titles and contents in navigation bar. Does these changes have to be made in custom.less file as specified in the solution link?
If so ,how? If not, where these modifications can be done?

Hi Sandhya, at present it is necessary to make changes to the investigate source html files to change things like Siren Investigate welcome text, and tab titles etc. I’d be happy to have a quick video call with you where I can guide you through this process.

Let me know if that would help.


I should also point out that Siren 10.4 will have the capacity to customize many label constants from the investigate.yml file, so the current approach of changing html will no longer be required in in many cases in our next release.

In the meantime I’d still be more than happy to have a zoom conference call to help you achieve this with your current environment.


Hi Neil,
Thank you.That would be of great help. We can have a zoom conference call anytime in between 8:00 am - 19:00 pm IST. Please let me know if this is fine.

Hi Sandhya, great. I’ll send you an invite via email. I look forward to speaking with you.