Gremlin console query

In the siren 10.3.4, we have this gremlinConsole -> http://localhost:5606/app/kibana#/dev_tools/gremlinConsole

when clicks button test, it returns 0 results…

g.V(“company/Company/q608Zm8BYqgRdhUQQQzI”).count() returned 1.

Please advice how to get actual value for 9aa32138-b7c1-4ea3-9e85-cb603779a682in the above case. Tried to use tabular data in the console viz Source Entity -> Relation->Destination Entity

and issued

however, it resulted into “400 | Bad Request | Invalid gremlin script”

Bascialllly, we want to query for list of companies who investors’s investment.raised_amount is greater than say 10000

Hi Jeff,
unfortunately the gremlin console in 10.3.4 suffers from a bug where the data model schema is not sent to the gremlin server, that’s why it always returns 0 as a result of a count query.
This has been fixed already in 10.4 (which came out yesterday)